The Benefits of Dry Ice Blasting Michigan for Specific Industries

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Dry Ice Blasting Michigan Cleaning is a Safe, Efficient, Cost-effective, Non-abrasive and Non-conducive ecofriendly FDA approved cleaning method. Let’s check out how can dry ice blasting Michigan benefits specific industries. 

Michigan Automotive Manufacturing Operations

This industry leading cleaning process is great at cleaning anything from weld line and E-coat systems, to electronics and injection mold machines, and everything in between. In addition, it also cleans a variety of warehouse equipment, cranes, saws, material handling equipment, hi-lows, cooling fans, ceiling fans, walls, and flooring. Dry ice blasting Michigan can be used while lines are fully operational, requiring zero downtime and better workplace efficiency.

Michigan Aerospace Facilities and Equipment

This industry leading cleaning process works incredibly well in electrically charged work environments. Mainly because it does not conduct electricity making it the perfect cleaning medium to ensure employee safety, plant efficiency and corporate profitability. The foam insulation, sealants, coatings, wiring, controls, control panels, aviation grease, oil and carbon materials found in aviation production facilities are all effectively cleaned using CO2 blasting.

Michigan Food Processing Operations

Remove dirt, grease, coatings and food residue from food processing equipment, pots, pans, stove-tops, grills, range-tops, freezer racks, utensils, baking ovens, facility floors, ceilings and all associated food-service surfaces.

The ice pellets used are made from extruded and highly cooled (frozen) carbon dioxide gas. CO2 pellets will not contaminate food, cooking surfaces or equipment. Most importantly, dry ice blasting Michigan sanitizes as it cleans, and this specific cleaning method is approved and endorsed by the FDA, EPA, and USDA.

Michigan Industrial Printing & Packaging

The dry ice blasting Michigan process cleans conveyors, rails, ink boxes, rollers, guides and trays without the need for cool-down or dis-assembly. Ink and paper pulp buildup, coatings, grease, oils, paper dust and over-spray are all quickly and easily removed in 80% less time than manual scraping and solvent-based cleaning procedures.

The dry ice blasting Michigan cleaning process improves print quality and greatly reduces scrap rates, increasing profitability and extending the lifespan of expensive printing press parts including motors, chains, fans and gripper bars.

In Conclusion

As the leading Industrial Cleaning Company Grand Rapids Michigan, having dry ice blasting as one our specialties are a vital asset to our success.  Contact Strength H2O Industrial Solutions today for a free no-obligation quote!

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