A Complete Guideline to Police Checks for Volunteers

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Volunteer work is highly recommended and essential for various kinds of work on campus. An establishment depends on a team of volunteers who are agile, cooperative, understanding, and compassionate.

On-campus volunteer work is vital to assist new or existing students, for fundraisers, to aid the specially-abled, and much more. Therefore they partake in many internal and external affairs of the institute. With increasing involvement, there is an increase in responsibility. 

Police check Australia helps you create a safe working environment with volunteers on campus. Here is why you need it:

  1. Your institute needs it under the legislature laws to undergo scrutiny while hiring volunteers or interns.
  2. For any large or small scale private, government funding procedure in the University. 
  3. For medical assistance and routine check-up hosted or funded by the institution.
  4. For community assistance and service programs involving special-care individuals, older people, young children, and women.
  5. For a safe and creative workspace on campus. It is important that all the members of the institute can work freely and in peace.
  6. To lower risks involving dealing with different types of people. 
  7. To improve the quality of the selection process and to ensure good service.
  8. To uphold the trust and reliability of the institute as a whole.
  9. To make all students, staff, visitors, teachers, and other members of the working body aware that necessary measures are taken.
  10. To make international visitors, guests, students feel more secure and relaxed.

Two Types of Checks Available:

  1. Many establishments offer free Police Check Australia for their volunteers and interns. They actively engage in documentation, collect necessary information and proof, and insist on filling the consent forms. 

They forward the entire set of documents to the authorities for detailed scrutiny. After clearance, the institute gives the certificate to the volunteers. One issued copy remains with the University for Safety Purposes.

  1. However, some institutions may insist that all volunteers arrange for their checking and clearance. The individual has to fund the background investigation and collect the report. After ordering, they must submit one copy to the institute.

In South Australia, there is a vast need for volunteers for different kinds of community work that deal with the old and young. Therefore a free or sponsored Police Check Australia is available.

The Validity

Institutes and volunteers worry about the validity of these checks. You may wonder if you need to update your certificate frequently. However, the answer to this depends on the institute itself. 

Some establishments want up to date information on your background. So they make sure that you are submitting a current check. A current certificate would mean a clearance till the date of joining. In some selective cases, it may be a date near the day of joining, like a week or month before it.

However, some organizations do not want a current review or report of criminal records, if any. If you had a check before then, you might submit the old certificate and wait for further instructions. If they want you to renew it, then you should do so.

Generally, Police Check Australia certificates are clearance reports till the current date. That means it gives you scrutiny of your background till that date of certificate issue.

Why Is Validity Important?

  1. If the local laws or the policies and regulations of the University think it is proper to check the validity of the report.
  2. If the volunteer group or individual is dealing with children and older people during community service.
  3. If the volunteers engage with specially-abled individuals.

What Does A Volunteer Check Consist?

Background verification generally means that the individual has not committed any legal criminal offense under the State's laws. The report is usually a zero disclosable court outcome if the individual gets a clearance.

Some categories are releasable by the State Legislation, Court. These are the general grounds for background monitoring:

  1. Any past sentencing or convictions.
  2. Theft, fraud, conspiracy, violence.
  3. Any traffic or civil violations.
  4. Complaints from past or existing employers or institutions.
  5. Sexual, physical, verbal abuse, and offense.
  6. Any pending or current court charges.

More about Convictions:

It is important to observe that some offenses are past convictions. In many states and territories of Australia, such convictions undergo omission from the background checks. These categorize under Spent Convictions:

  1. A five or three year’s duration gap from the last offense for a minor or juvenile is valid for the omission.
  2. A ten years duration gap since the previous offense for an adult is correct for the deletion.


A Police Check Australia is a must for recruiting or appointing volunteers. A lot of active volunteers are indeed an extra help for any institute. This may require a speedy selection process. But do keep in mind that background scrutiny will result in a long-term association.

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