How to start addiction treatment

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Addiction is a problem of the 21st century, which is possible to fight on your own, but it is very difficult to overcome it on your own. Alcoholism, smoking, drug addiction - these are diseases not only psychological but also physical, so the treatment of such addictions is better under the supervision of a specialist.

Addiction to various substances (alcohol, drugs, tobacco) and conditions (such as gambling, Internet social networks, etc.) are serious mental illnesses that lead to numerous consequences not only for health but also for the environment. sick person. They have physiological psychological, financial, social, behavioral, communicative and other consequences, and therefore require adequate and professional treatment. Otherwise, they can lead to the saddest consequences, from loss of social orientation to degradation, serious illness, dementia and death.

Often the most difficult thing in addiction treatment is to start the treatment process at a professional rehab near me (AddictionResource can help find one). This treatment has every chance of success.

Is it possible to treat alcoholism at home?

Let's start with the fact that treatment is possible on their own, but only in the early stages of addiction. The late stages are always characterized by human vulnerability and the inability to take matters into their own hands and give alcoholism a fight. Many drug treatment centers offer treatment for alcoholism at home. When experienced psychologists and narcologists periodically come to your home and monitor the treatment process. But definitely treatment in the rehabilitation center is much more effective. And do not be afraid of this word, because the rehabilitation center is actually the same clinic or hospital where you or your relative is being treated for alcoholism or drug addiction. Plus - that the addict is always under supervision, and this applies not only to the physical component, but also psychological. After all, in the fight against addiction - this is a very important point, psychologically to be sure of the right path, the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, that happiness is and it is possible without alcohol and drugs. This part is usually difficult for a person to cope with, which is why treatment at a drug treatment center is much more effective.

How to make a person get addiction treatment 

Here is the same important psychological point, the probability of forcing a person to accept treatment is actually zero. If one of your relatives or friends, or just people important to you suffers from addiction, and your beliefs do not give the desired effect - go to a drug clinic. After all, only professionals will be able to save the life of a loved one. Compulsory treatment of alcoholism or as it is called treatment of alcoholism without the patient's knowledge is no longer as it used to be. Mankind is evolving and now experienced psychologists, working with an addicted person, will do their best to persuade him to accept treatment, become a decent family man, and return to normal social life. In this case, the main thing is not to prolong the process of applying for drug treatment, because a lost day can change a lot. The peculiarity of addiction is that not only one person suffers from this disease - an addict, but also everyone who lives, works and is friends with him. This is a whole social problem that affects people associated with alcohol or drug addiction.

What is the harmfulness of alcohol and drugs?

The harmfulness of these drugs, which are addictive - alcohol and drugs, is manifested in the fact that:

  • toxic substances are formed in the body (toxins), to remove them will need to do detoxification
  • specific organs of your body suffer - the walls of blood vessels, liver, brain
  • strong mental dependence, self-control is lost.

Signs of addiction

Conclusions about the problem can be made at a stage when the consequences have not yet become irreversible, before you notice serious deterioration in health (tissue necrosis, ulcers, aggressive behavior, exhaustion, etc.).

Some signs that may be a manifestation of the development of a dependence (but it should be understood that these manifestations may be the result of disorders in other body systems, and have other causes):

  • frequent and prolonged periods of depression;
  • attacks of unreasonable irritability and aggression;
  • withdrawal, secrecy, desire to be alone;
  • refusal to talk;
  • lying;
  • sleep disorders, appetite problems.

If you notice such manifestations, and they are systematic, you should consult a specialist. The doctor will help solve the problem and return to normal life. Treatment is exclusively anonymous. We guarantee confidentiality. We treat addiction in adolescents and adults, selecting the appropriate and appropriate age, severity and prognosis for recovery treatment program that will be most effective and safe. Addiction treatment is carried out in a complex, it necessarily includes not only cleansing the body of the effects of toxic substances, taking prescribed medications, but also the mandatory work of a psychiatrist, as well as physiotherapy, psychotherapy, work with relatives and other methods. , which have proven effective in patients with similar types of addictions. Contact us. Special conditions need to be understood to help. The problem needs to be solved.

How to get a free consultation

Almost all drug rehab centers near me for alcoholism and drug addiction provide free hotlines, where you can get free advice on your case. After googling “free drug counseling near me” or making 3-5 calls, you will be able to determine which center is more suitable for you, where experts have advised the best option for you or your relative. Act now - because just one call can change the quality of your life and the lives of your loved ones.

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