The Boost You Need With Natural Energy Shots

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Everyone needs a little boost sometimes. With our complicated lives, most Americans are running with their personal fuel tanks on empty most of the time. We work long hours, eat poorly, and then don’t get enough sleep.

With lifestyles like this, it is no wonder that most of us have to get a little boost with an energy drink now and then. The problem? Most energy drinks are loaded with chemicals like artificial flavorings and colors.

In addition to artificial flavors, most energy drinks contain tons of sugar. While sugar gives an energy boost when you first drink it, you will quickly crash. Excess sugar consumption causes your body to produce excess insulin, which then causes energy levels to plummet.

In place of all that sugar, some other varieties of energy drink use non-caloric sweeteners, either artificial sweeteners or stevia. There are many negative potential side effects to artificial sweeteners, and stevia was only approved to be used as a sweetener very recently since there was inadequate data on safety and impact on reproductive health.

In addition to sugar, the primary way most energy drinks give you a boost is through large amounts of caffeine. Caffeine is a great energy and focuses boost, but it has a fairly short half-life in your body. That is why an hour after that cup of coffee, you need another cup.

Natural Energy Shots Work Differently

Natural energy shots aren’t full of a bunch of unfamiliar chemicals. They are flavored with fruit juices instead of artificial flavorings. 

Since natural energy shots are flavored with juices and not full of odd tasting ingredients, they don’t need extra sweeteners to taste great. Flavoring with fruit juices gives natural energy shots a pleasant taste without the side effects of artificial sweeteners.

While most energy drinks get their boost from large amounts of caffeine mixed with other ingredients that are largely untested in their effects on the body, this causes an energy spike and drop. 

Natural energy shots combine the caffeine equivalent of two cups of coffee with an ingredient called L-Theanine. L-Theanine works in combination with caffeine to maintain your energy spike for hours. 

Studies have shown L-Theanine combined with caffeine gives a gradual and sustained increase in brain activity. This means that you can take one natural energy shot instead of sipping coffee all day. 

The L-Theanine and caffeine in a natural energy shot are derived from green tea, so they are completely natural and easily digestible. Since the natural energy shots get all the energy needed from these two ingredients, there is no need for the addition of random chemicals.

Minimal Ingredients Equals Minimal Side Effects

Many people have undiagnosed food sensitivities which cause them to feel sluggish and tired. Many of these ingredients trigger endocrine responses and low energy levels.

Natural energy shots are vegan, gluten-free, and soy-free. Some of these ingredients have been shown to impact hormone levels which can affect energy levels. Less random ingredients mean that there is less risk of ingredient interactions.

Focusing on only pure ingredients means that natural energy shots are less likely to react with any other medications you may take as well. Since the American populace is heavily medicated, the various ingredients in energy drinks could potentially lead to unpleasant interactions if you don’t know what you are consuming.

To summarize, natural energy shots are made with only a few healthy ingredients to give you a sustained energy boost and increase your mental productivity, while minimizing negative food interactions and ingredient reactions. If you want to stop drinking sugary energy drinks, or sipping five cups of coffee a day, Natural energy shots may be the solution for you!

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