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Technological advancements have made our life much easier than it ever was. Today, with a few clicks, we can transfer money to someone, see the person present in some different country, call a cab for work, and get answers to any queries in a matter of seconds. Well, if we are to predict technology in the near future, one would surely say that we would be using loads of AI-powered applications or devices. Well, we guess AI must not be a new term for you. Even if you least stay updated with the latest technology trends, you must have come across AI as it has been making headlines for quite some time now. 

AI or Artificial Intelligence is all about making machines capable of mimicking the human brain to carry out different tasks. You can see AI and its subset machine learning at work in daily lives like using Alexa, getting personalized shopping experience, drones, and receiving product recommendations on many applications based on your history. The demand for professionals who can design AI-powered applications has been higher. Skilled AI engineers, specifically those who take Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bootcamp, are preferred by companies for their AI-related projects. 

This article makes you aware of the top ten fascinating applications of AI. So, let’s get started.

Personalized Shopping 

Have you used Amazon, Flipkart, or other popular eCommerce applications? If you have purchased any product, you would see recommendations that match your interests. Well, AI is working behind the scenes to learn about your shopping preferences and suggest to you the products that you are most likely to buy. What’s more! You must also be getting personalized promotional emails regularly to update you regarding any new offers on your wishlist products. 

Virtual assistants

This is one of the most popular AI applications as it is not software but an AI-powered device. Voice assistants like Alexa, Siri, or Cortona take your voice commands and perform tasks based on your queries. What works behind is voice recognition, Natural language processing (NLP) to convert speech into text, and machine learning to process the information and perform the desired task. These devices are easily available for commercial use. 

AI in gaming

AI is used in the gaming world in many different ways, right from the game design to development, functionality or the way it is played. You can experience AI (including deep learning) at work when you play games like AlphaGo (a computer program that plays the board game GO), Splinter Cell (where AI responds to every move made by the player accordingly), and Rocket League (involves powerful AI to handle the football game strategy).


Job hunting can be a daunting task for many. But, if you get an app where you can sign up anonymously and get appropriate job recommendations based on your qualifications and career aspirations. The MeetFrank app does just that - by using AI and machine learning, the app analyzes the needs of the candidates and proposes job advertisements accordingly. It helps companies by taking over the placement process through automatic pre-selection.

Facial Recognition

Facial recognition is an advancement to image recognition and used by many apps these days. One of the popular apps is FaceApp which is an image manipulation software that allows people to transform their images using various filters. It uses deep learning to identify the key features of the face once it gathers the sample data from a user’s phone. The more pictures are shared as sample data, the better is the transformation obtained. 

Self-driving cars

No topic on best AI applications is complete without talking about driverless cars. Car manufacturers like Tesla, Ford, and Mercedes are trying to use AI in almost every facet of the car making process. Tesla, for example, is working to provide a solution to full self-driving through an approach based on advanced AI for vision and planning that is supported by efficient use of inference hardware. 

Stock market

Banks are already leveraging big data analytics and the stock market is taking it ahead with the use of AI. Trading software are using AI and machine learning-based algorithms to offer sophisticated automatic solutions to consistently deliver ROI. For example, 8topuz is an AI-based automated trading system that aims to grow your wealth regardless of your prior knowledge in training. The investment choices are left in the hands of AI that makes decisions according to investor’s risk parameters and long-term goals. 


AI is proving to be a promising technology for various healthcare areas like imaging, remote health, in-hospital care, precision medicine, regulatory compliance, and so on. Some healthcare startups are using deep learning to automate the analysis of medical images like Zebra Medical Vision, PathAI, and Paige. Zebra Medical Vision, for example, works with millions of imaging and correlated clinical records to create high-performance algorithms that automatically detect medical conditions quickly. 

Aviation industry

Airlines and airports are using AI for facial recognition, baggage check-in, fuel optimization, and factory space. Areas that feature complex scenarios like Air Traffic Controllers, airport operators, flow controllers can also leverage AI in the future. A trial was also made to combine machine learning with ultra HD 4K cameras to improve the Heathrow Airport’s landing capacity in low visibility conditions. 

AI in Education

The education sector comparatively lags when it comes to adopting technological advancements. AI has the potential to revolutionize the eLearning industry and it is time for the education sector to improvise using this technology. MobyMax, for example, is a web-based learning tool that uses AI to fix the learning gaps with adaptive, differentiated learning materials for every K-8 subject. The app also offers personalized lessons for each learner based on their individual needs using machine learning.    

Fascinated to know more about AI looking at these powerful AI applications? Well, the adoption of AI has just started. You can expect to see even more sophisticated products in the future. 

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