Snorting Kratom: Why It's a Bad Idea

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Many people wonder if they can snort Kratom. The bottom line is that it can be dangerous and damaging to your mucous membranes. There can also be long-term side effects if you snort Kratom, so you should refrain from doing this.

Why Are People Snorting Kratom? 

Kratom is a substance that is derived from a tropical evergreen tree. This evergreen tree grows in Southeast Asian jungles and goes by the scientific name mitragyna speciosa. The leaves of the tree are what Kratom is made from. After the leaves are dried, they ground down into a powder and then transformed into other products like the extracts.

Kratom has long been used by communities around the world both homeopathically and therapeutically. There is now anecdotal evidence to suggest that it could be beneficial for opiate withdrawal.

Some past users of controlled substances, like heroin have claimed that Kratom has been able to ease their withdrawal symptoms. Despite these claims, there is no medical proof that it can effectively curb the symptoms associated with opioid withdrawal. 

As there are many substances abused through nasal inhalation, like heroin, oxycontin, fentanyl, and heroin, this may be the reason why some people will try and snort Kratom powder or extract. 

NIDA reported over 46,000 fentanyl and heroin overdoses in 2018, but the amount of opioid users is still rising. As the number creeps up, there is a growing need for more effective opioid withdrawal solutions. 

Inhaling Kratom? Is it Safe

The most common way to ingest Kratom is to take it orally. There are many different ways to take it orally, but a common form is to make tea. Jack Henningfield, from the journal Psychopharmacology, said the oral ingestion method makes Kratom different from other deadly substances. 

Even though it is possible to snort Kratom, it doesn't mean that it's advisable. Over time it can be very detrimental and bring rise to many long-term and short-term side effects.

One reason why people are drawn to snort and Kratom is because the effects are felt almost instantaneously. When doing this, however, you can take too much, and it can be very harmful. If you don't feel like taking Kratom orally, there are other ways that you can take it, and they don't have to be through your nose.

The Recommended Methods

The three primary ways you can use Kratom other than by ingesting it through the nose are taking capsules, using incense, or making tea. Capsules are tasteless and pre-measured, making it the most convenient method. To make incense, you take dried Kratom powder and put it into an incense diffuser. Unlike snorting Kratom, this is much softer on your mucous membranes. Tea is popular because you can combine it with other teas you like, creating a familiar experience.

Snorting Kratom Short-Term Side Effects

Many short-term side effects are associated with snorting Kratom. The most common short term side effects are:

  • nose bleeds
  • trouble breathing
  • nose and throat irritation 
  • nasal blockage 
  • nasal swelling

Snorting Kratom Long-Term Side Effects

Even if you don't experience the short-term side effects, there are long-term side effects associated with snorting Kratom. These long-term side effects include:

  • nasal inflammation
  • lung infections
  • mucous membrane damage 
  • upper respiratory system damage
  • nose and throat damage 
  • lung blood clots 
  • pulmonary embolisms

The Biggest Risk: Overdose

One of the most serious risks associated with snorting Kratom is that you can overdose. When you take Kratom orally, the plant fiber and cellulose are digested into the body, and nothing harmful should happen. However, when it is snorted, it is not being digested. Instead, the Kratom will build up within the upper respiratory tract. Over time this will block nasal pillories, affecting your nasal passages, and you may need to take a lot more to receive the same effect.

The Symptoms of Kratom Overdose Are:

  • tremors 
  • hallucinations 
  • trouble breathing 
  • intestinal discomfort 
  • muscle pain

If you contact the American Kratom Association, you can find out the exact recommended intake methods so that you can stay safe. If you use your Kratom responsible for research purposes, you can rest assured that you will have a safe and positive experience. 

The Bottom Line 

Snorting Kratom is not safe. That's the bottom line. There are too many risks associated with nasal ingestion, and it can be hazardous if done for an extended time. If you are concerned about your potential ingestion method, contact a reputable vendor today. 

Many experts on Kratom can give you the information you need to use the product safely. Along with the American Kratom Association, researchers and vendor staff can help you develop the ideal procedure for taking this ancient botanical. Whether it is by taking convenient capsules, brewing up a tea, or trying out the extracts, these methods will be safer and more effective.

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